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Hello Immunize LA Families Coalition, Community Organizations, Clinics, and Community Members!


The Executive Committee of Immunize LA Families voted to support Senate Bill 276 (SB276). Here are 4 action items for you:


A)    Please send your support to your local Representative in the Senate and Assembly about SB276. See below to find out how to do that. Takes 5 minutes.


B)    Remind the parents to check their child’s immunization status so they can make sure that their child is up to date with their vaccines. 


C)    Check out your child’s school’s vaccine exemption rate using the school name and Dept. of Public Health data.


D)    Feel free to repost/reshare the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society post on this Bill.:


The Action Alert Link above and the info below has additional info regarding SB276.


Thanks for your support!



Immunize LA Families Executive Committee

Senate Bill 276:
California Senator Dr. Richard Pan and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez introduced a new legislation to curb abuses to the vaccine medical exemption process with the support of parent advocacy group, Vaccinate California. Senate Bill 276 will require state health officials to approve all requests for medical exemptions to school-required vaccinations and grant officials the authority to revoke medical exemptions if they are found to be fraudulent or inconsistent with CDC guidelines.
“Some schools are reporting that more than 20 percent of their students have a medical exemption,” said Dr. Richard Pan. “It is clear that a small number of physicians are monetizing their exemption-granting authority and profiting from the sale of medical exemptions.”

“Three years ago, we stepped up our state’s vaccination laws to protect students and the entire public from being exposed to potential diseases. Now, we’re seeing ant-vaccination parents and a few doctors get around that law by loosely seeking and issuing medical exemptions when families are willing to pay,” Assemblywoman Gonzalez said. “The real cost is a threat to herd immunity and public health.”

“The health of California children is at risk because a few unscrupulous doctors are preying on unjustified fears about vaccines and selling medical exemptions to parents. Our children, and many adults, rely on herd immunity for survival, and every baseless or fraudulent medical exemption jeopardizes their health and safety,” said Vaccinate California Cofounder and Executive Director Leah Russin.

Under SB 276, medical exemptions will be granted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Physicians will submit information to CDPH, including the reason for the exemption, the physician’s name and license number and they will need to certify that they have examined the patient.

Additionally, under SB 276, CDPH will create and maintain a database of medical exemptions, and CDPH and County Health Officers will have the authority to revoke medical exemptions granted by licensed physicians if they are found to be fraudulent or inconsistent with contraindications to vaccination per CDC guidelines.
Thank you!